5 Common Misconceptions About Fix Phone Charger

Things behind the need to fix a phone charger

This is the time of new-generation mobiles, now every people have at least one mobile and phone charger in the hand. According to some surveys 60 per cent of people using mobile on our planet.

Mobile is easy to computing and has a huge fan following for simple and easy interface.¬†Because the user interface is quick to response anybody can handle, so it’s very simple to develop and use with simple fingertips.

Fix Incompatible Charger Issue of Android Mobiles

All the story of the Android mobile operating system is well known. But we have some issue of using mobile, in the section of managing issues of mobile basically working with Google’s Android mobile is suddenly no supporting changer to charge.

On the time we have shock because its working last few days but now it gives indication or warning to use only original manufacturer charger means (same brand charger what’s the mobile brand).

This type of issues faces after update of the particular operating system and after using when the device is not in use.

Stock ROM vs Beta ROM vs Custom ROM

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What do we do on those issues faces?

Ans: Try these things.
  1. Change the charger.
  2. Change the battery.
  3. Reinstall the Stock ROM. (Install Stock ROM or Reset)
  4. Change the USB cable (the charging cable).
  5. Change the wall mount of plug or power plug.

What’s the factor behind the issue?

In the daily drive, the mobile battery will be anxious because of the many things behind to keep in the eye.

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1. Change the phone charger:

The charger of the mobile plays the main issue to not supported, not gives a perfect output of particular mobile and release over output, it causes battery drain or dead. When in the situation just change the charger and use it.

2. Change the battery:

When the overcharging or use turbocharger to charger incompatible turbo feature device, After updating of ROM may changes the feature of charging, uses third-party batteries and not charge perfectly.
It causes may indicate the issue, then change with good compatible battery and charge forgives good life to your device and battery.

3. Reinstall the Stock ROM. (Install Stock ROM or Reset):

Sometimes forcefully installing incompatible Stock ROM for using more features than the existing ROM.
After installing customised ROM or Incompatible ROM, when the update with using this type of ROM, the features will be changed then the answer is an incompatible issue.
Especially branded mobiles, so than in situation simply the reinstall the compatible ROM or Factory Reset the device and check it for a charge.

4. Change the USB cable (the charging cable):

The charging of the device through the USB from the adapter now it’s mainly Android devices.

So make it change your USB cable what the connector of adapter and device to charge.

Because of may defect after using someday. Change new or good USB cable to charge for a better result.

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5. Change the wall mount of plug or power plug:

The charging point will basis on the wall mount where you charge your devices, some mounts of the plug will give different power outputs.
When changing place to place depends upon the particular area of electric power, then just change the wall mount of plug and use check.
May it gives the better result of facing incompatible charger issue of your favourite Android Mobile.