Affordable H61 Motherboard – Best Choice For Budget PC Build


Hello guys, are you searching for an affordable motherboard for build budget pc, then H61 Motherboard is the best choice. Since the last 3 years, I’m using H61 series motherboard in my primary PC. I didn’t have any complaints about this, because H61 motherboards were respectable performance with a combination of finest processor and RAM. Let’s check out the way it has acceptable for daily drive.

What is H61 motherboard?

H61 is a chipset manufactured by Intel® for their motherboards, simply we can say “H61 motherboard is a computer motherboard, which supports Intel® Second and Third Generation Core Processors”. The H61 motherboard has LGA 1155 processor socket is also called H2 socket and DDR3 support RAM slots.  Officially supports USB 2.0 ports, but some motherboard manufactures use external hardware to add USB 3.0 supporting ports.

The LGA 1155 processor begins the introducing secure boot feature. The H61 motherboard supports Ivy Bridge processor, Allows using built-in GPU with Intel® Clear Video Technology, Maximum 10 x USB 2.0 ports,
6.1 Watts maximum TDP (Thermal Design Power)  and 65nm Chipset lithography.

Is H61 motherboard good?

Any motherboard should only work if it is adequate. Using a compatible PSU, efficient processor and compatible RAM will last longer on your motherboard. Performance is also available.

Yes, it supports two and three-generation core processors i.e. Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 Processors and it handles processors very well for your multitasking works. Also, this H61 motherboard supports LGA 1155 socket-based Pentium and Celeron Processors.

You can get good performance if you keep the highest supported processor in the CPU that has this motherboard. This means that a third-generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor will be used on this motherboard.

If you want to play games on this motherboard based, go for GEFORCE 210 1GB DDR3, ZOTAC GT 730 2GB DDR5, ZOTAC GT 740 1GB DRR5, GTX 750 Ti 2gb ddr5, GTX 1050 MINI 2GB DDR5 graphics cards you can get a gaming experience with a good framerate. (Check out the information before the purchase of these GPUs for this motherboard, some model does not support).

We do office work during the day with this motherboard equipped CPU, which means that you can easily work with office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook as well as you can work with this motherboard CPU for data processing.

If you want to buy a PC on a budget for Blogs and Vlogs, the H61 based motherboard would be a better choice for you. Whenever you can get satisfactory results for video editing for Volgs you will embed a good graphic card in it.

CAN 1155 motherboard use 1151 motherboard?

No LGA 1155 and LGA 1151 motherboards are completely different because they have different processor socket pins. You should not put the LGA 1155 processor in the LGA 1151 socket even by mistake.

h61 motherboard lga 1155 CAN 1155 motherboard use 1151 motherboard

The simple logic is that LGA 1155 has processor socket pins 1155, LGA 1151 has processor socket pins 1151, and LGA 1150 has processor socket pins 1150. These calls are different in that they are connected to the processor pod.

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Which is the best motherboard?

There is no doubt that the next generation motherboard will give better performance than the old generation motherboard. The H55 (LGA 1156) has a better performance than the G945 (LGA 775), and the H61 (LGA 1155) motherboard has a better performance. Also the H81 (LGA 1150), H310M (LGA 1151) now the newly arrived z490 (LGA 1200).

A good motherboard means that the work you use will depend on choosing the right motherboard for the motherboard life. Good efficiency compatible processor and embedded branded RAM.

If you put a graphics card depending on the work you do, you will have the life of the motherboard. That’s all there is to choose the ones that have high performance and good durability in the motherboard selection.

Check out the h61 motherboards that are available in some markets here.

  1. Gigabyte GA-H61M-S
  2. Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PH
  3. PowerX H61 PMB-H61
  4. ECS H61H2-MV
  5. Mercury PH61TZ
  6. Enter E-MBH61

Check here for a few more branded motherboards. See what is delivered to your location.

⇒ H61 Motherboard Available in Indian Market.