7 Free Movie Watching App On Mobile (Free Movies) in 2020


Best Free Movie Watching App For Android

In free time most people are the first choice to watch favourite movies. Movie lovers say watching movies is the best trick to releasing stress and restarting the brain. I don’t know how true that is, Once before going into the topic about free movie watching app. Let’s check out the free movie app and why it is more popular.

Sometimes we go to the theatres to watch movies, but now we have the convenience of watching at home.
Most smart TVs nowadays are designed to use Android apps supports. Some of the TVs have pre-installed OTT supported apps.

Apps To Watch Free Movies For Mobile in 2020

Best Free Movie App List

Few of the popular free movie watching app that are not available on Google’s Android Play Store and iOS App Store. You need to search and download APK files to your device.

  1. MX Player App
  2. Playbox HD
  3. Popcorn time
  4. Crackle
  5. Jio Cinema App
  6. Thop TV App
  7. Megha Box HD
  8. Movies HD App

Let’s check out the apps to watch free movies for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, one by one briefly.

MX Player App

MX Player is the most popular android video player, we all know MX player is useful to see films with offline that downloaded content. But today MX player supply online movies watch free and videos to see online.

This app is available on iOS and android store. You may watch the latest films, watch cartoons, watch dramas, watch the favourite serials, watch tv channel and watch tv shows, more information available to see on MX Player.

Simply it is possible to navigate from a list of popular TV serials, webs collection, films, music videos, sports videos, news movies and gossip videos, all on MX Player.

MX player additionally offers to flow your video to the Internet like YouTube Live.

Install MX player in your devices links here Play Store and App Store for iOS


Best Free Movie Download App For Android

Playbox HD

Playbox HD App is just another program for free to viewing favourite TV shows, serials and films without pay for any streaming and download them at quality content. This app is also supported to use on your computers, iOS and Android platforms.

It is complimentary full films app has accumulated the best of all movies and videos which are worth watching at any moment and you’d like to pleasure by watching them over and over.

Free films it program for one to see Bollywood, Hollywood and more languages to watch.

Playbox HD is not available in the Android Play Store and iOS, only available in third party sites.

Link to download Playbox HD

Popcorn time

Popcorn Time app supports various platforms officially, This app integrated BitTorrent client that comes with media player. The software offers a complimentary choice to subscribe to based streaming services like Netflix.

This is app works like successive downloaded to stream video recorded by various torrent links and outsider trackers may likewise be included manually.

Popcorn time app is offered to watch the favourite online movies to free, many movie lovers who are choosing to watch movies in computers and handled devices are mostly used Popcorn Time.

Because of its officially supported torrent client based player. It means you can easily find the latest movies or shows to watch using torrents downloading and also find various contents to watch.

Check out the Offical site for Popcorn Time


Crackle is among the most popular US-based OTT video streaming platform. It’s a joint venture between Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.

Its library Includes original content in Addition to programming obtained from other businesses.

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Currently, Crackle isn’t readily available to functions Globally, supports just a few nations. Crackle is stated formally is offered in the USA and lands, all free of charge.

Check out the Crackle App Store Link

Jio Cinema App

Straightly ahead it’s purely available and operates in India, JioCinema is among the program in Jio Network. Its functions just for Jio SIM users. Jio Cinema offers movies online free to watch.

It’s a video streaming app offers by Jio, you can watch popular films, TV serials, exclusives, short films and trailers.

The Jio Cinema App supports computer and mobile platforms. JioCinema program provides lakhs of all free content to observe and provides OTT streaming services to free such as Disney with restricted boundaries.

Install Jio Cinema App in your devices Google Play Store and iOS officially.

Thop TV App

ThopTv provides over three thousand and more content movies, shows and videos for regional and Globally to free of charge with no buffering. You can enjoy free tamil movies to watch online, and more shows for free.

You’ve also chosen to listen to over five million radio channel from all over the Globe.
It isn’t accessible on Google Android Play Store, It’s a third-party app.

Thop TV app works on some Android TV, Firestick, Microsoft Windows Platform, Notebooks and other Android apparatus.

Megha Box HD

Megha Box HD is also the same as the above apps, offers us a free film and TV collection service very similar to some other free ones at which we could research a catalogue of contents.

Offers pictures and episodes of our favourite shows, that can be illegal as most of those contents are pirated.

However, should we forget about that little detail, then we are talking about an app that provides us access to each of the names through hyperlinks to outside providers without hosting anything else.

Together with the latter can observe those contents on the internet or download them to see them offline. You may find everything sorted into classes along with other information accessed from IMDb.

If you wanna try or check out Megha Box HD third party link

Movies HD App

Movies HD App is mostly used for content free to watch and it is also constant improvement. The content will be updated every day. Latest films and tv series daily can watch virtually every time.

This App has a large library in the films and shows. Also, you can watch the most popular TV Series. This program is having some awesome features like quick and user friendly, and also do not overlook its miniature.

Movies HD App is not available in the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. So, if you want to check out to try only available in third party site like Download Movies HD App

Note: This topic is purely for informational and knowledge purpose, not to force or promote these apps. Some of the above apps are not available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It means may thread to security issues and also watching pirate content is illegal. If you use or watch content using these apps user responsible. Easy things not responsible for any security and legal issues.