Earn Money By Watching: Crazy Trick YouTube Videos

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How To Earn Money By Just Watching YouTube Videos

Yes, Its true you can easily earn money by watching videos and make money through Paytm, Amazon, your bank account and many other ways.

Many websites are offering money just watching YouTube videos.

But, how much it’s a genuine website and offering money for watching YouTube Videos.

Today I wanna show you one of the genuine website offering money just watching YouTube videos and you can redeem money through Amazon coupons, Paytm Cash or Directly through the bank.

Easily Earn Money By Watching Videos

Topics covering:
  • Register Account.
  • Watching Interface.
  • Redeem Options.
  • Challenges.
  • Refer and Earn.

SKYLOM: Earn Money Online

Skylom is one of the websites for earning money from watching YouTube videos.

It is genuine and easy money earning website just register and accepts challenges.

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Register Account For Earn Money By Watching Videos SKYLOM: Click Here

You can simply log in with existing Google account. “whether if you have an existing Google Account”.

Otherwise, you can create an account in SKYLOM.

Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos

The interface of SKYLOM: Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos

It’s a simple interface easily anybody can understand what can they do.

From the right corner, you can find how many coins you already earned.

Center of the dashboard you can play and watch videos like YouTube.

Check out the below image.

Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos

Redeem Option in Skylom:

You can check the redeem option in Skylom, easily clicking on the right corner gift icon.

It will go to redeem option page directly. If you can choose the redeem option using your earning coins.

You can redeem through Amazon Gift cards and Skrill (just like PayPal).

You can also earn Baylor, Snuckls and Baymack money. Just click on the account icon at the right corner and click on these options.

Check out the below image for redeeming options.

Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos

Challenges in Skylom:

If you want to accept challenges in Skylom. Just click on the top of the dashboard like (Watch 50 videos and Get 250 FREE coins) accept the challenge.

You have to watch 50 videos for 7 days in a row. After completing the task automatically credited 250 free coins in your wallet.

Just check out the below image.

Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos

Extra earning with Referring:

Earning extra money in Skylom. Just referring to your friends and earning extra money.

Just click on the account icon and choose to invite and earn option.

Simply copy the link and share it with your friends and relatives.

You keep 20% of the coins that your referrals redeem.

Just check out the image below for the Invite and Earn option in Skylom.

Earn Money By Watching YouTube Videos


It offers respective income. but, how much it will work for everyone is depends upon how much time to spend to earn.

It is an online website service. Using these services, just revise the reviews and information online. Easy things are not responsible for any circumstances.