Facts About P2P in WebRTC | How WebRTC Works

how webrtc works

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It basically the collection of API’s to allows direct connection between browsersSo, its easily transfer any type of data from one browser to another directly.

In WebRTC clients directly communicate with each other completely and also communicate with the server. Its a technic to directly connecting with clients like peer to peer sharing, browser data, IP address and more files can easily communicate and transfer one to another.

The difference between Web Sockets vs WebRTC

Regular Web Sockets Work
WebRTC Works

There is a lot of difference between regular Web sockets and WebRTC works.

The connection process of Web Sockets is server act as an admin. So, clients communicate only with servers through the data packets.

The connection process of WebRTC works directly to the client to the client.

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How do the clients know about each other in WebRTC?

In these protocol layer clients and server signalling each other to know.

Let’s Check the small information on Webrtc communication

The process of communication in the server and the clients in WebRTC protocol layer using resources of API, data and NAT (Network Address Translation)

Security: in this type of security is all data will be encrypted. Data will highly secure the only communicators will know about data.

Codec: it will compress the data and share.

WebRTC works via UDP. UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol

It is highly confidential data transfer protocol. This type of protocol used in video chats. If the file will lose some data all the file will be corrupted in this protocol.

There is no standard signalling protocol, all the different developer and companies implementing their different protocols.

Security: Encrypted is mandatory of all components WebRTC. No plugins will work in the data process. So no spyware or malware entered into your system.

Need to access microphone and webcam for the browser in the process of technology.

Compatible Browsers:

Not fully compatible with all browsers. Mostly works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser. Simply use without any add-ons and plugins.

Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari require plugins for work.

Remaining Internet Explorer is sorry for using this technology.

Live streaming is possible to work in Web sockets, but very slow and laggy frame drops.

In streaming very quickly works with lag-free.

No need for extra apps for use streaming like Skype, Zoom or Went or any popular live video chats work directly with the web browser.

Facebook and Google already used this technology in their chat services.

WebRTC is embedded in web technologies. So the client directly connects with each other clients. So, Server no needs to work process with resources of incoming and outgoing data of clients.