How To Remove CMOS Battery From Computer

replacement CR2032 battery

What is A CMOS Battery?

The full form of CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. This CMOS battery is used for stored information of BIOS settings. These settings are used for computer startup, date and time. If the battery is having enough power to stored information, it always supported to saving settings of BIOS and run the PC properly with orderly saved device properties. In these topics, you can find the symptoms for CMOS battery failure and suggest ways to CMOS battery replacement.

The CMOS battery popularly called as a Micro Lithium Cell CR2032. This battery has the power of 3V, It is enough to stabilized order of BIOS settings.

If the CR2032 battery is not powered, it misleads the order of booting devices of the computer. Getting errors and warnings to boot and engaging interested working of the computer.

What Is A Typical Symptoms of A CMOS Battery Failure?

The CMOS battery is used for storing date, time and settings of BIOS in PC. If CR2032 battery failure, you can get  Some of the warnings have occurred when the system bootup to the operating system.

Computer startup session of booting getting errors messages from the BIOS of the motherboard:

  1. Battery Failure needs to change your CMOS battery.
  2. Checksum CMOS error.
  3. The battery voltage of the system is low.
  4. Not directly boot to HDD from first priority and need to save BIOS settings every time of PC booting to the operating system.
  5. Error message asks to press functions keys of F1, F2 or F10 and more.

These waring are indirectly suggested to replacement of CR2032 battery of computer.

How To Remove CMOS Battery?

You can easily to replace the battery or Micro Lithium Cell CR2032. Just open the computer case or cabinet and identified the battery or cell, it looks like a coin. You know the calculator or watch battery, exactly the same battery but size will be different.

If difficult to find out the location of CR2032 battery in your computer, Just revised the manual of the motherboard. It was not available then find out the WEB.

The different motherboard of computers in various types of designs for fixing CR2032 battery. Major brands of computer motherboards are designing small form factor, so we can easily find out the battery.

pc battery replacement

Take a tool like a screwdriver or compatible metal tool, unlock the closed strip of battery carefully otherwise it will bend or broken.


Where To Buy CMOS Battery?

Finding a compatible battery is a little bit confused, because of the same sized various model numbers are available in the market. carefully remember the battery model no CR2032, if it is the only compatible model to computer motherboards battery size.

But you can purchase CMOS Battery for PC is easily you can find in  Amazon site.

Just, you can find the more in below listing to buy CR2032 Battery in Amazon:

  1. Panasonic CR-2032/5BE Lithium Coin Battery
  2. Duracell 2032 Coin Battery 3V
  3. Maxell CR2032 Coin Type 3V Lithium Battery
  4. Energizer CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
  5. Accu-Chek Battery Panasonic CR2032 3V Coin Cell