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Custom Google Background Chrome Themes

Google Chrome is most of users using browser for surfing internet and today we talk about custom Google Chrome background

The Internet is a system of connecting all computer networks globally with using protocol (TCP/IP) to connecting all systems of globally.

The Internet is major connectivity of all people in the world, it is useful for educational institutions, business, service and many more purposes.

The browser is software for using Internet purposes, The Google web search is mostly used in world wide web nowadays.

Google gives more than 15 popular product to access one of Google’s Products ‘Google Chrome Browser’ is the most common and efficient browser in world wide web nowadays.

It is developed by Google and first released in 2008, it supports many major platforms Microsoft’s Windows, later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, Google’s Android and more.

The browser is open source so anybody can use, it contains many features and customizes settings with using developer mode.

Surfing the Internet is fun, knowledge and interesting.

Google’s Chrome is the most popular and speed browser on the Web.

Now coming to tasks, when changing the appearance of the browser is given new interest.

The magic theme for the browser, why called magic theme because it gives them as what desktop background to Google’s Chrome Browser.

It’s amazing to view and gives the appearance to effect, the extension of the theme is different from another theme.

Because it does not give particular wallpaper or scenario to the browser.

It’s changing as desktop background to the theme of browser same.

The Google Chrome Browser theme acts as an extension of chrome.

Just follow the instructions with screenshots:


Custom Google Background
Chrome Browser: 
Custom Google Background
Custom Google Background

Instructions for installation:

  1. Post this link chrome://extensions/to access the extension page
  2. Drag and drop the extensions to use and wait until the install buttons show up
  3. After installing and exit chrome.
  4. Run speedyfox.exe and hit the optimize button
  5. Wait until it’s done and done.
  6. Chrome should start faster now.



Note: Extension only works for Google Chrome.
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