Mobile App Development Trend in 2022

mobile application development services

It is no more a luxury and has become necessary to stay updated in today’s virtual world. It ensures the relevance of software. Thus, technological updates have also become quite significant.

If the technology is up to date, it attracts customer loyalty. Gaining trust is not easy, and thus this is very important. It means if you want to take advantage, you need to be aware of all the latest trends and changes and any new technology implementation. It helps you to stand over your competitors.

It’s a high-tech world we live in, and mobile app development is actively flourishing at a speed never seen before. It is growing alongside the recent advancements in technology, and however, its high rate is because of consumer demands increasing day by day.

With the growth in technological innovations, mobile application development services have plenty of opportunities. It allows the companies to deliver the best experience for their users. 2022 has already started, and thus, we must look forward to planning for the entire year ahead. Let us now look at these mobile app development trends.

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AI technology

AI technology still occupies the top position among the trending mobile app development technologies. It helps implement special and unique features like image classification, navigation, voice recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and predictive maintenance.

It provides a great user experience. It can also detect fraud, analyze suspicious activities, and deal with information breaches. Thus, it is a beneficial technological innovation.

IoT integration and Cloud

IoT (Internet of Things) allows you to easily integrate your device data with applications and cloud services. It comforts your life as it provides the users with automatic control. Security is the biggest reason behind adopting Cloud and IoT technology, and they offer benefits like improved efficiency, increased connection, and reduced cost.

Mobile apps in today’s highly advanced world assist people in managing their house to make it an intelligent place and help in the security of the home. It would help if you integrated to build solutions that are highly innovative in a way that incorporates the physical and digital assets.

With IoT integration, the users can enrich their real-time data from IoT devices with other systems’ contextual data. It helps you make smarter and faster decisions, and you can even build your complete dashboards using the data. It is estimated that the revenue from IoT might touch up to 1.6 trillion by 2025.

Technology for foldable devices

The same old trends are coming back again. Foldable design smartphones require a compressed or expanded screen size as per the user’s convenience or preferences. Thus, mobile app developers must consider these latest trends and update their apps services accordingly to gain and attract a larger audience.

Mobile Commerce

Shoppers nowadays prefer to do online shopping in the comfort of their homes. Thus, retailers are trying their best to build native or progressive web apps (PWAs) to offer a better and more convenient shopping experience.

Mobile commerce means purchasing online using a mobile app instead of a mobile web page. Many companies are witnessing enormous growth like increased conversion rates and growth in revenue after developing PWAs for their business work.

5G technology

The coming up of 5G technology has already changed how mobile apps are created, developed, and used. It will further improve in 2022. The Speed will increase many folds, and it will boost efficiency and even enhance the functionality of mobile apps.

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Wearables have become another way to bring comfort for the users. According to various reports, it is projected that there will be billions of connected wearable devices in 2022, and most of the 5G connections will be made using wearables.

It is one of the highest-ranked functions of wearables. It can receive messages on its smartwatch. It has also brought some positive changes in the health awareness of the general population because of the fitness tracking feature.

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Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has been evolving since 2013. However, they are becoming more popular now than ever before. It is true especially for developing the mobile app, particularly for retail businesses, and it is even more beneficial for the consumers.

Some advantages are location-specific details, alerts, and mobile payments preferences.

Beacons even allow businesses to understand the choice and preferences of their potential customers, and they then use this information to turn the data into a better and more personalized shopping experience.


AR/VR technology integration in mobile apps is still emerging. However, it’s essential to consider that as the AR/VR technologies are advancing, they are bringing and will continue to bring a transformation in travel, gaming, entertainment, and live streaming mobile apps. AR/VR technology is this becoming another way to interact with customers with a more personalized touch.

It helps consumers try their clothes or make-up, visualize a look of their new couch look in their room, or even imagine themselves in their dream holiday destination. Many mobile app developing companies are actively covering and utilizing the latest technological development trends in the mobile app.

These companies usually have skilled experts who integrate and combine IoT and AI technologies successfully. Thus, they deliver the apps with unique and outstanding features with excellent performance. Customers choose the company they find reliable and responsible at the same time.


When technological innovations are taking over the world, it becomes essential to stay updated with the latest trends in technology, like unique mobile apps that are being developed. You must also be aware of the market and user behaviour, and it will help the companies grow their business and help you understand the evolving trends.


What is the future of mobile app development?

The global states show that the consumer spending in mobile app spending is estimated to reach $270 Billion by 2025. More than 4.14 million mobile phones are sold every day in the world, and the reason is that people are spending more time on mobile rather than desktop or laptop nowadays.

We can say that AI will be the most trending technology in mobile app development. Currently, app developers are adding more features in mobile apps like face detection, speech recognition, image detection, etc. Many more will come soon.