Play EAC3 Audio Format Supported Player For Android

Play EAC3 Audio Format Supported Player For Android

EAC3 Audio Format Supported Player For Android

Watching videos on mobile means a lot of fun for me, not just myself, but for a lot of people. It’s also a lot of entertainment, but lately, I have an issue with my video player on my Android mobile. The videos are playing but not audible, especially like DTS, DOLBY and EAC3 video formats on my mobile. In such a time I’m searching the EAC3 audio format supported player for Android.

Did you face the issue on your mobile? So now let’s see which Android video player can play the DTS, DOLBY and EAC3 video formats we want.

Yesterday a friend of mine shared his favourite movie with me, but the video of that was playing on my mobile but the audio was not heard. If I look for the reason, I know that the video format is EAC3.

Usually, on our Android mobile, videos with those formats should play with audio. Its video player requires EAC3, DTS and DOLBY codecs plugins.

But the respective codes should be developed by the video player developers accordingly. They have to pay some of should be spent on the respective Copyright protected formats like DTS, DOLBY and EAC3. Otherwise, face some copyrights and legal issues must be faced by the respective video player developers.

The built-in video player and its codes are usually only premium video players but are free to explore.

There are a lot of video players that play videos for free on Google’s Android play store. But there are only a few video players that we can play DTS and Dolby for free.

The first thing we liked about it and eac3 audio format supported player for android is VLC for Android.

Yes,  VLC for Android is a video player software that we mostly use in Windows operating system.

VLC For Android: EAC3 audio format supported player for android

VLC for Android

The VLC media player is a video player that is mainly used by Microsoft’s Windows users on our desktop and laptop computers. This is a very popular free open source video player software for Windows.

But now even in the Android operating system, it is of paramount importance. This is because it is free and can play almost all useful video formats on an Android mobile. Especially EAC3 DTS and Dolby formats.

VLC for Android plays in mobile internal and external video and audio files, support all formats like M2TS, MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, Ogg, FLAC, Wv, TS and AAC. No need to download codes, every valuable codec are in VLC for Android. It supports Teletext, subtitles and closing titles.

VLC has support for multiple track audio and subtitles. It supports to view videos in automatic rotation mode, aspect-ratio adjustments and gestures customization to volume control and brightness.

It has a widget for audio control, supports the audio headset controlling, album cover art and full audio media library.

You do not even need to use any special codes or plugins for this. If you search for VLC for Android directly in your Google’s Android Play Store, you will find it. Install and enjoy watching your favourite EAC3 videos on your mobile.

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