Top 7 Best Android Photo Gallery Without Ads for Android

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Best Android Photo Gallery Without Ads | Android Apps

Hi enjoyer, are you searching for photo gallery app for best in Android applications and no ads, here we go. You can find here some best gallery app for Android platform which are no ads.

Smartphone application which is stored photos or any visual contents by orderly or systematically in one place for viewing the simple user interface is called a gallery.

Majorly Android phones are having this application for viewing images and videos or any type of visual contents.

These gallery apps are by default installed by Stock ROMs no need to purchase but if need to customize or any extra options need to purchase a similar application in Play Store.

Some of the applications are available to ads-free and not need to app purchase.

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Check out for free to use mostly compatible with all devices.

7 Best Android Photo Gallery With No Ads

  1. Simple gallery.
  2. Gallery: Cloud innovation studio.
  3. Camera Roll: Lukas Koller
  4. GalleryON
  5. GalleryAI
  6. Gallery ICS (Classic Version)
  7. Customizable Gallery 3D

Check out the apps which are best in the category and features wise.

Top 7 best android photo gallery

Simple Gallery: 4.5 Rating and 1 million downloads

The best one of the image gallery app from Google’s Android Play Store.

Because of its simple and easy interface with usable for viewing photos, videos and GIFs.

The application can be sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending, photos can be zoomed in.

Media files are shown in multiple columns depending on the size of the display.
Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Top 7 best android photo gallery 2

Gallery: Cloud innovation studio 4.5 Rating and 10 Thousand Downloads

With deep learning and AI technology, it can recognize all faces in your photos and classify them by people.

Choose 2 to 9 photos can get a simple collage.

Features: No adds, No network usage, manage albums, can add, modify and delete albums.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Top 7 best android photo gallery 3

Camera Roll: Lukas Koller: 4.4 Rating and 100 Thousand Downloads

It is a lite, simple and intuitive interface for designing around speed and performance, that doesn’t get in the way.

DownloadPlay Store and Google Drive
Top 7 gallery app without ads 4

GalleryON: 4.3 Rating and 50 Thousand Downloads

The major highlighted feature is the fastest loading of pictures and videos.

We can manage contents easily.

Automatic video play and supports contents by sliding and contents in the same Wi-Fi AP using mobile devices and computers.

Downloadapkpure and Google Drive

Top 7 gallery app without ads 5

GalleryAI: 4.6 Rating and 100 Thousand Downloads

The GalleryAI app which is fast, simple, free with no ads.

This application is an alternative image gallery app designed for managing beloved photos.

It is smaller than other image gallery apps.

DownloadPlay Store and Google Drive

Top 7 gallery app without ads 6

Gallery ICS (Classic Version): 4.3 Rating and 500 Thousand Downloads

The simple user interface, fast and responsive, simple filter to show pictures automatically date and menu folder, no ads.

DownloadPlay Store and Google Drive
Top 7 gallery app without ads 7

Customizable Gallery 3D: 4.2 Rating and 5 million downloads

Very lightweight looks like an old image gallery app modified video player and photo frame widget.

Supports GIF format and also albums hide.

We can set filters by image rows, animation speed, image quality and more.

Download: Google Drive

Finally, the major times stock image gallery app fulfils the tasks.

The taste of third-party applications are quite different it depends upon the user optional.