The Background Of USB Type C Retractable Cable

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Why is Type C cable faster than others?

Wire with ports is mainly used for an intermediate of connectivity with the computer and the gadgets. The tech world-changing invites new things and develops alternative ways of reducing the size and power consumption brings better speed and future technologies.

Managing size and effectiveness with accurate features are developing manufacturing companies for raising the rate of consumers. In the process of developing technologies, USB (Universal Serial Bus) turns to micro USB and now it’s time to USB type C.

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What is type C cable?

The port is compatible with various devices and supports a high rate of functions. Another version or next way of micro USB. Introducing new technology for mobiles, PCs and gadgets of high rate data transferring.

The technology is compatible with fast charging, data transfer and a new way of the audio alternative of 3.5mm jack.

The port size will give similar to the older generation of USB ports but it’s just upgraded for new technologies for bringing high features and next level of gadgets.

Apple’s first introduce these USB type C in MacBooks and later equipped various devices companies. Intel and Texas Instruments are using this technology. Now many mobiles and gadgets use this technology for getting more in the market segment.

The port looks the same as the USB micro port but it’s thick and effective.

It supports power capability with USB 3.1 because compatible with a new standard of USB generation. Introducing Thunderbolt 3 technology with this type of port USB type C gives a much faster and more reliable speed of backing internet and high-speed video plug and play devices.

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  1. It gives up to a 1GB transfer rate in the second between gadgets. Then we can move or copy a movie within seconds.
  2. Supports fast charging 100 watts to 20 volts of power.
  3. Port brings the best video viewing experience as well HDMI and VGA.
  4. Alternative way and future jack of audio for mobiles, PCs, laptops and other gadgets.
  5. Better transferring data rate of external hard drives and future gaming consoles.