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Windows 10 ISO Download: Direct From Officially 2020

Free Download Windows 10 ISO

Windows 10 ISO Download Features And Benefits:

Windows 10 ISO is a bunch of powerful features compared to the last generation Windows operating system version. This time Microsoft took a little care about what loses the previous version of Windows 8 and 8.1.  Let’s check out top cool features of Windows 10 ISO operating system contains.

Topics Covering:

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Features:

Start Menu:

According to the last version, Windows Operating System Called Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu looks like an app drawer.

Windows XP and Windows 7 Users are things somethings missed in the start menu.

Now in Windows 10 again Start Menu comes back as an original state with attractive looks.


Cortana is an own assistant of Microsoft, It is powerful voice assistant implement in Microsoft Windows 10 versions.

Simple to use and navigate the tasks.


It is a mode of PC to tablet. Simply switch and use both acts as Laptop and Table.

Whether you are using touchscreen laptops. Microsoft’s designs the next level of table-based Windows Operating System.

Easily you can switch folding your laptop screen like a tab and use.

Simplified Control Panel and Settings:

This time Windows 10 help simple settings like a phone in your hand.

You can easily configure the apps with your fingertips without confusion.

Simply looks icon system and controls in your PC or laptop.

Top Tricks:

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Microsoft Edge Browser:

This is the next generation browser for Internet Explorer because of speed with efficiency.

Who loves Internet Explorer in your system, they definitely use this Edge browser.

Powerful Multi-Tasking:

Now its trends of multiple apps tasking in devices. Windows 10 provides powerful multitasking features.

It helps to multiple open apps and Windows at a time and completed your tasks.

It looks like an Android Multi-Screen option and Apple’s Spaces features on OS X.

Xbox App:

You can play your favourite Xbox games on your PC with the help of graphics support DirectX 12.

The app will show previously played gaming history and also support the previous last 30 seconds of games.

Enjoy the challenges and share your victory with the use of Xbox App.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Versions:

At now Microsoft Windows available only two versions in the official download

Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro

Depends on your environment architecture respectively 32-bit or 64-bit like an X86 or x64.

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Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

Requirements: good internet connection with speed, desktop computer with chrome browser.

Just follow the simple steps to Windows 10 ISO Direct Download officially.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser, go to address bar copy the given link below and press enter.



Click Here for Direct Page.

Step 2: right on the page and click the inspect button or Ctrl + Shift + I



Step 3: press the Toggle Device Toolbar or Ctrl + Shift + M



Step 4: look the screen changed to mobile or tablet width and refresh the screen or press Ctrl + R



Step 5: We can see the download Windows 10 Disc Image or ISO File

Step 6: Select the Windows 10 ISo edition.


Step 7: Choose the version update as your wish Windows 10 ISO October or April Versions



Step 8: Choose the product language as your wish, which language for preferable.


Step 9: choose language and confirm, wait a few seconds to download Windows 10 ISO file.


Congrats. Yours have successfully downloaded Windows 10 ISO.

After completing Download Windows 10 ISO. Install in your PC or Laptop.

Download Windows 10 DISC Image Instructions Video

How to install windows 10 into your PC or Laptop.

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