10 Free Design Tools for Social Media Graphics

Free Design Tools for Social Media Graphics

Internet is the root of significant data collection and information transference. Graphic design creates and combines motion graphics, photography, typography, etc., elements into alluring images that catch attention, sell services and products, and open new market opportunities. Simply put, the graphic design improves your business in multiple ways: some can amaze you and their impact on the business. There are numerous advantages of Graphic designing. Some of them are mentioned below free design tools for social media graphics.

Reduces Time Consumption

There are many file formats of an image- PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.; which one should you use in your design? We don’t know the primary difference between them, but a designer knows. They know which image should be utilized on a social media post, business card, website, etc.

Also, a professional visual developer looks one step ahead of us. Sometimes, and where best applicable, they go for RGB vs CMYK colour modes, paperweights, and so on. What type of website content management systems should be there, and whether the web, social media post, or magazine ad are appropriately scaled and has an adequate amount of colour disparity to be easily understood after publication.

High-Quality Images Boosts Customer Interaction

None of us would purchase an artefact with a vivid and funny-looking picture or post. Also, these images increase your company’s ranking in the social media realm and boost customer interaction. So, high-quality images/ads are a must.

Irrespective of what the image is for, it can be e-newsletters, websites, blogs, social media, or printed items, high—quality graphics engage one’s attention a lot faster than businesses using low-quality images or nonexistent pictures.

Online consumers, particularly B2B purchasers, refer to image excellence as prerequisites in their purchasing conclusions. Graphic design uses superior image quality in photos, infographics, illustrations, and video to create new and effective marketing tools.

Employee Productivity

Good graphic design culture encourages a constructive brand identity that penetrates everything from company websites to business cards, from staff uniforms to their social media handle; it reflects its vision.

The opposite is true too. For instance, we all have, once in our lives, you worked at a company whose scantily designed website was impossible to read, navigate, search or purchase from. If so, you know how frustrating and infuriating that experience was for both employees and complaining customers. Why would your customers be any different if the employee is displeased with your company’s logo or website?

So, now we know the importance of Graphic Designing, the next question is: which tools are best for designing. Social media graphic design is the best use of a graphic designer’s imagination. We have collected the best ten tools for social media graphic designing to enjoy your work and make creative custom graphic designs.

Free Design Tools for Social Media Graphics List

1. Pablo

It is a marketing tool that helps social media marketers to design custom graphic designing posts for attractive and engaging posts. They have many royalty-free images, various layouts, text editor, logo designing templates, etc.

2. Pixlr

Boosted by the all-might AI, this application has many tools that create powerful and quite engaging social media graphic designs. Even if you open this application, the look and feel will leave you in awe. It has programs like Illustrator and Photoshop but with a twist. Their editor is powered by the AI that edits or creates social media images quickly and professionally.

3. Easel.ly

This custom social media graphic designing tool specializes in creating infographics. The best thing about an infographic is that it is easy to read and shares more (approximately thrice) than a standard post. You need to select a template, add text and data. The application itself does rest.

4. Canva

This application is among the most versatile tools in the graphic designing universe. They have the best templates for images, social media posts, layouts, text editors, etc. Also, you can access their library of free graphics for photos, videos, and other things.

5. Fotor

Fotor is a collage-maker, but for custom graphic designing, collages are essential. But, this is not all; they have good social media tools that create impressive posts/ads/newsletters.

6. Piktochart

You can use this operation for social media plates, post creation, infographics, and much further. The unique aspect of this app is you can even add prints to your posts or designs.

7. BeFunky

Although you’re a graphic designer, it’s insolvable that you’re plain. It is a universal fact that these professionals are pretty “funky.” But this application lets you be funkier. It has many image editing tools, overlays, layouts, etc. You can make appealing social media graphic designing posts and get excellent responses.

8. Snappa

Okay, this is a pretty good application with a plethora of images, graphics, texts, videos, and above all, scheduling options. They have free and premium versions. You can manage two social media accounts and all their graphic design for free. It is enough to make your business boom in a short time over social media platforms.

9. piZap editor

This is an emulation of a Photoshop-like workspace. It supplies many good editing tools that will help you customize social media graphic designing that lets you add text, complete editing, and give an enthralling look to your posts.

10. Gravit

Gravit unlocks a plethora of unique graphic designing ways. The good thing about this is they’ve “ vector illustrations” that give you a special touch to your social media plates and posts.