Salto Key Card – Everything You Should Know About!

How Does Salto Key Card Work

With the advent of technology, the locking system has also evolved. If you look in the market you will find a range of locking solutions that make your work more convenient. One such is Salto Key Card; it is a perfect solution that comes with cutting-edge technology to protect your home and offices or even commercial spaces from thefts. Moreover, this card can help you with both the home and office security that you would require.

If you’re interested in checking Salto Card for yourself then look at this complete guide. This would help you know the working and benefits of the Salto card.

What is Salto Key Card?

Salto is a fully-featured smart locking system that gives seamless access to every building, home, office, or others. It is flexible and comes with various configurations. It is specially designed to work in a free environment and allows the owners to stay safe. With that said, you can keep your building safe without any threat.

It is based on an easy-to-use system and integrated with all physical security requirements and networks. Further, it is easy to manage and offers you a smart-locking system.

How Does Salto Key Card Work?

Salto is one of the leading and most-trusted security systems that you can try for your property. The system is installed by an accredited dealer that uses high technology and provides safety and security for thousands of doors. With this, you can keep your security with one click. The price is also reasonable as compared to other security locks.

What if your card is lost? If this happens anytime, you can delete it within seconds. You do not need to look for new keys. SALTO also provides free demonstrations to help you understand the system that keeps your building secure and provides you full control over the building.

salto access control system key card

What Are the Benefits of The Salto Key Card?

Salto comes with a wide range of benefits that include all benefits such as:

  • It is wireless and comes with fast installation
  • Used by already 10,0000 users
  • Come with high-security MI fare credentials
  • Includes multiple features on locks
  • It can be scaled up to 64000 locks
  • You can add more users and doors for security
  • Can delete users whenever you want
  • You can give access to different users say floor, second floor, and other.

What Are the Ways of Opening Salto Card?

Following ways can give your overview to access or open the SALTO.

  • Digital Key:

Through the digital key, you will be able to access SALTO. Download the Salto KS mobile app and register yourself on it. With this, you can gain easy access. All you need to do is allow the Bluetooth to transmit the digital key directly to the lock.  Thus, you can actively open and close the lock through BLE (Bluetooth low energy).

  • Remote Opening: 

With the remote opening, you will get easy access to open the doors from anywhere at any time. For example, if you are not at home and are expecting guests then using SALTO you can easily open the door for them. This will be convenient for you.

  • PIN:

SALTO PIN locks also help you to solve the issue. Enter your PIN-code via the keypad to unlock the doors of the building. This PIN will link with the user’s choice. If the PIN is forgotten you can’t recover it again. Make sure to add a PIN of 6 digits that increase the security and convenience.

The Bottom Line-

Salto Key card has several variants which got approval from various industries. After all, it has changed the security checks. So, if you’re interested in keeping your building secure then try this out.


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