7 Integral Parts Of A Business Security System

a Business Security System

It goes without saying that developing a strong security system for your business is imperative for its progress. And for this, many business owners opt for companies offering smart infrastructure solutions to handle the security of their business.

However, there are certain things that one must consider before installing a business security system. It should fulfil the needs of your company and support its operations as well.

On this note, let’s take a look at 7 integral parts a business security system must have:

Fire/Smoke and Hazard Detection System

Smoke and hazard detectors are fundamental components of a business security system. These sensors can detect the excessive presence of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide as well as rising temperatures and issue warning triggering alarms.

Identity Verification Systems

Identity verification is a prerequisite requirement that every business security system has to fulfil by IT Solutions Company in Dubai. In order to ensure the security of your business, you must be able to detect who’s coming in and going out of your premises. Such a system ensures that only authorized personnel enter the important areas of your office.

An identity verification system can give access in these different ways:

  • By entering a unique numeric or alphabetical code.
  • Swiping the employee’s identification card.
  • Via fingerprint scanner or any other biometric recognition.
  • Through photo identification.
a Business Security System1

Access Logs

Access control systems enable you to restrict entry to your premises. You can use access logs to control entry into your complete office or restrict unauthorized entry into some restricted sections such as server rooms etc. Regardless of how you intend to use them, access control gives you complete control over who enters into the work premises.

An added feature that the access logs of every business security system must have is an integration of time and attendance. Using this integration, you can monitor and record the attendance of your employees and use it for streamlining their payroll.


Organizations should work with security integrators who have some expertise in concocting security arrangements redid for an association’s necessities. These specialists must have the option to review the office, comprehend the particular dangers looked at by a business, and devise interestingly fit arrangements. Security experts should likewise forever be open with regards to their accreditations and licenses and give references.

POM Technologies provides its customers with a group of dedicated professionals who are insured in each of the revised frameworks. Additionally, customers benefit from enhanced framework readiness, allowing key partners to see each of their security framework’s capabilities.

Fast reaction times

In the end, when a deception framework occurs, it must be advanced quickly and skillfully. A specialized organization with quality supervision will react as soon as possible and will do everything possible to resolve the problem within 24 hours.

Need Status from POM Technologies implies limitless email and telephone support, just as on location administration visits. Clients with issues are moved to the top of the line when a circumstance should be settled, and a four-hour crisis reaction window is ensured any day of the year. Also, all assistance vans are outfitted with GPS for cutting edge administration coordinated factors and experts utilize PDAs or tablets that empower electronic reports to be shipped off clients immediately.

a Business Security System2

Hardware inclusion

When utilizing the most recent hardware, substitution expenses can be high. Organizations need to be sure that not only are their facilities and tenants protected but that their framework is also covered.

Quick fixes or substitutions should be made assuming essential and that each of the costs connected with parts and work is shrouded in the arrangement.

Assuming that something turns out badly with a framework, POM Technologies will quickly fix the issue. Assuming maintenance or substitution is essential, loaner gear is given to customers – for nothing. Designs likewise incorporate 100% inclusion for parts and work with no deductible.

Far off diagnostics

With select Heartbeat Monitoring innovation, POM Technologies persistently screens the strength of a security framework’s IP-associated gadgets. Assuming any part of framework glitches, professionals can identify and analyze the issue right away. Much of the time, the issue can be settled before a business is even mindful of it. This proactive methodology expands assurance and limits vacation.

Deterrent support

The best security administration plans incorporate customary support that attempts to forestall any disappointment or glitch before it occurs. A specialist co-op should make customary visits to a business every year to keep the security framework at max operation and deflect vacation.

With a POM Technologies security plan, organizations get half-yearly protection support visits from an expert to guarantee that a framework is in incredible wellbeing. Also, customers get status alarms that the framework is being chipped away at which detail the moves are being made. Customers likewise get the expert’s immediate contact data on the occasion there are any inquiries.


A business must be certain that its security accomplice will consider themselves responsible. In the event that there are any issues or issues, a quality supplier will assume full liability and resolve them with the guarantee of 100% fulfilment.

POM Technologies gives clients quarterly help report cards so they can see exactly how their security frameworks are working.

The novel, versatile security systems

Divergent associations have different security needs. These prerequisites rely upon an assortment of elements, including size, area, the motivation behind the association, and the one of a kind sort of potential dangers. A secondary everyday schedule has tremendously unique security needs than a metropolitan gems store or an administration safeguard worker for hire.

In addition, security might change in view of conditions. For instance, a retail foundation might have to adjust security considering a line of adjacent thefts that have exploited comparative organizations. Dissimilar to commonly static, in-house security arrangements that rely upon gaining faculty or buying new gear, and oversaw security administration can rapidly conform to an elevated (or informal setting, adding or changing the hardware on a case by case basis. The expense of these progressions is a month to month detail on a careful spending plan, rather than a costly capital consumption.

Monitoring System

Most business security systems come with 24/7 Top CCTV Company In Dubai. Therefore, before you choose one, check whether it has this feature or not. 24/7 monitoring is a must for the security of your business as it will ensure that even when there’s no one in the workplace, it is still safe and secure.


Video recording is an integral component of the business security system. However, you can choose how you want your system to record. Companies can choose if they want continuous recording or conditional recording. For instance, you can set the setting for conditional recording i.e., whenever the system detects any movement, it will start recording.

Power Supply Backup

Electricity plays a curial role in every security system as well as it is needed for the smooth running of an enterprise. Therefore, an uninterrupted supply of electricity is a must for the efficient working of your business’s security system. A power supply backup is also an important component of any company’s security system. Furthermore, make sure the cables connected with the security system are also durable and have high resistance. For connecting your network devices, using high-quality fibre optic cable is required.

These are some of the features you should consider while getting any security system in the UAE for your business.