Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel: Top 25 Most Useful Keys

Shortcuts Keys Of MS Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Excel

Using these Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel is used as a smart way to work easily with Microsoft Excel software. These hotkeys for excel are useful for your workspace and get quick results. Easily you can work with these excel keyboard shortcuts in the workspace. You can also download excel shortcuts pdf in this thread.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful and most efficient software for office works, not only office works and also use software for many sectors who are deals with calculations and accounts.

F12: Save the active workbook under a new name.

Ctrl+O: Open an existing workbook.

Ctrl+N: Create a new workbook.

Ctrl+S: Save the active workbook.

Ctrl+X: Cut the contents of the selected cells to the clipboard.

Ctrl+V: Insert the contents of the clipboard into the selected cell.

Ctrl+C: Copy the contents of the selected cells to the clipboard.

Ctrl+Z: Undo the last action. (Most Useful Option).

Ctrl+P: Open the Print dialogue.

Ctrl+W: Close the active workbook.

Advanced Shortcuts Keys Of MS Excel

Ctrl+Home: Move to cell A1

Ctrl+End: Move to the last cell on the worksheet.

Ctrl+Tab: Move between two or more open Excel files.

Ctrl+Enter: Files the selected cells with the current entry.

Ctrl+Spacebar: Selects the entire column.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Activate the previous workbook.

Ctrl+Shift+A: Inserts argument name into a formula.

Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar: Selects the entire worksheet.

Ctrl+Shift+F: Opens the drop-down menu for fonts.

Shift+Home: Highlights all text to the left of the cursor.

Ctrl+Shift+O: Selects all of the cells that contain comments.

Ctrl+Shift+P: Opens the drop-down menu for the point size.

Ctrl+Shift+F6: Moves to the previous worksheet windows.

Ctrl+Shift+F7: Prints the current worksheet.

Shift+Insert: Paste what is stored in the clipboard.

You can download the excel shortcuts pdf for remembering the keys for much need workspace. check the below link for download excel shortcuts pdf.

Download MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF


Important Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Help Full To Every Computer User


Hot Keys Excel: Microsoft Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

F2: Edit the selected cell

F5: Go to a specific cell

F7: Spell check selected text and/or document

F11: Create chart

Ctrl + Shift + ;: for entering the current time

Ctrl + ;: Enter the current date

Alt + Shift + F1: Insert new worksheet

Shift + F3: Open the Excel® formula window

Shift + F5: Bring up search box

Ctrl + A: Select all contents of worksheet

Ctrl + B: Bold highlighted selection

Ctrl + I: Italicize highlighted selection

Ctrl + D: Fill

Ctrl + K: Insert link

Ctrl + F: Open find and replace options

Ctrl + G: Open go-to options

Ctrl + H: Open find and replace options

Ctrl + U: Underline highlighted selection

Ctrl + Y: Underline selected text

Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough highlighted selection

Ctrl + F9: Minimize current window

Ctrl + F10: Maximize currently selected window

Ctrl + F6: Switch between open workbooks/windows

Ctrl + Tab: For Move between two or more open Excel® files

Alt + =: Create a formula to sum all of the above cells

Ctrl + Shift + !: Format number in comma format

Ctrl + Page up & Page Down: Move between Excel® worksheets at the Exact Same Record

Ctrl +’: Add value of over cellphone into current cell

Ctrl + Shift + $: number formatting in currency format

Ctrl + Shift + #: number formatting in date format

Ctrl + Shift + ^: number formatting in scientific format

Ctrl + Shift + @: Format amount punctually format

Ctrl + Shift + %: Format number in percentage format

Ctrl + *: Move to next section of text

Ctrl + Space: Select entire column

Shift + Space: Select entire row