Face Verification A Glance at the Top 11 Uses in 2022

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You have probably heard about face verification services. But do you know what is a face verification solution, and what are its uses in Know Your Business

Well, face recognition technology is a type of biometric security. It is a method of identifying and confirming people’s identities through their faces. A face recognition process has applications in several fields including law enforcement, entertainment, biometrics, security, and more which are as under:

1. Unlocking Phones

Different phones, including the latest iPhones, use face verification to unlock their device. It not only protects their data but also checks that the sensitive information of that device holder is not accessed in case the phone is stolen by anyone. Apple claims that the probability of unlocking your phone with a random face is almost one in a million.

2. Law Enforcement

The facial verification processes are also being used in law enforcement agencies across the globe. Police gather mugshots from the arrestees and compare them with state, local, and federal face verification databases. Once the arrestee’s picture is captured, it is added to a database to be inspected whenever the police conduct another criminal search. Moreover, face recognition technology allows the officers to use their tablets or mobile phones and capture the photo of a pedestrian, a driver, or anyone they want to verify their identity. 

Face Verification Services (2)

3. Airports and Border Control

Face detection systems have become popular at airports. Travellers now have biometric passports which help them to skip the long queues and instead pass through the automated ePassport control and reach the gate quickly. It not only decreases waiting time but also enhances security. Moreover, this system is also used at borders to check the security of people. 

4. Finding Missing Persons

Face verification solution helps to find the victims of human trafficking. The facial recognition system helps to find them whether they are in a retail store or a public place. 

5. Reducing Retail Crime

Face detection systems are being used to identify when organized retail criminals, known shoplifters, or people who have a history of crime enter the store. Their photographs are taken and compared with the database of criminals to alert the store professionals that the customer who entered the store is a threat to it. 

6. Banking

Biometric digital banking is the other benefit of facial recognition solutions. Besides using one-time passwords, the customer can authorize their transaction by simply looking at their computers or smartphones. With face verifications, hackers can not steal your database, and if they somehow do the liveness detection process, avoid using it for their impersonation purposes which is very good for verifying businesses

7. Marketing and Advertising

Marketers use online face verification to ensure a better customer experience. Media companies are also using it to test the reaction of the audience to the movie trailers, characters of a TV pilot, and optimal positioning of the TV promotions. Moreover, billboards that use this technology mean the brands can set off tailored advertisements. 

8. Healthcare

Face verification solutions are helping hospitals with patient care. Health care professionals are testing the use of this technology to streamline patient registration, access patient records, detect pain and emotion of the patients, and even identify genetic diseases. As biometric systems become less expensive, their adoption in healthcare is expected to increase. 

9. Tracking Worker or Student Attendance

Some education systems in China make use of face verification solutions to check that students are not skipping their classes. Their faces are scanned using a tablet then are matched with the photos present in the database to verify their identities. Furthermore, this technology is also being used in workplaces, where the employers sign in and out and that’s how their attendance is recorded. 

10. Recognizing Drivers

Several car companies are testing facial verification technology to replace car keys. The solution would replace the car key to access as well as start the car and remember the preferences of the driver for mirror and seat positions.

11. Monitoring Gambling Addictions

Facial recognition helps gambling companies in protecting their customers to great degrees. Monitoring gambling areas in crowded spaces is difficult for the human staff. So, this technology helps the companies to identify the registered gambling addicts and keep checking their play so that the staff could advise when it’s time to stop.  

Final Thoughts

Face verification services are used in many fields from surveillance to marketing. It is expected that the market of face recognition technology would grow to 7.7 billion dollars in 2022 and that is just because of the wide range of applications of a face recognition process. Thus, a face verification solution is a future.